Monday, 13 January 2014

First Islamic Martial Art Pak Ki Budo

Young Grand Master M.R.Raza Bruce Ali started taking lesson for Martial Arts at the age of 7 years. I had keen interest in the field of Martial Arts since my childhood. With the passage of time, curiosity of learning more and more had been raising to the peak. It was probably in 1986 when I saw Bruce Lee for the very first time. I was astonished that a single person is fighting back with a number of people. I really liked the sounds which Bruce Lee produced during fight. I loved to learn that too and felt myself in high spirits when someone asked me to perform any thing the Great Bruce Lee’s style.  Now, let’s have a look over the history of Martial arts. 
In ancient time, when weapons were not as common as today then, people used their physical strength and tricks to defend themselves. Karate is a type of Martial arts which means Empty hand. Now, Martial Art tells us the techniques of self-defense with empty hands and with hand weapons as well. The training of Martial arts is not providing safety only but also, a source of physical growth and fitness. Japan introduced Judo, china began Kangfu and Korea initiated Korean Martial arts. Now, they have become an important part of tradition of these countries. Every single person even children of these countries have full awareness of this art.  As we all say that there is no end of knowledge in the same way, there is unlimited learning of martial arts. No one can say that I am a perfectionist and have completely learnt this art. There are styles and tricks which have been continuously introducing with every new day. When I learned Martial arts, I thought it would be completed after getting black belt. But, after achieving black belt, I came to know exactly that it is only the first step that I took. Now, there is a lot more I need to know. It would be right to say that actual learning begins after having black belt.
If we take a religious look then, we will come to know that our religion also favors the self defense and to be a powerful individual against your enemies.
“Powerful   Momin is better and more beloved for ALLAH than a fragile one, although, all are superior. Do struggle and hard work for the thing which gives you benefit, and ask for help from ALLAH and do not become upset by considering any task difficult” ( Al Hadees )
I wished to be known as a Martial artist and Pakistan representative in all over the world. With this aim, I kept on proceeding. New techniques have been inventing day by day.
 After a long research and hard work, I have introduced such a martial arts style that can be called as Pakistani Martial arts and its name is Pak Ki Budo Martial Art. The name this style is the combination of three words in which Pak means Holy, Ki means  Spirit and Budo means Martial Way. The characteristic of this art is that it clearly shows action and reaction of easy and advanced level of every technique. Mind, body and spirit have been focused in this art. Different martial art techniques and a variety of action are included in Pak Ki Budo Martial ArtPak Ki Budo Martial Art is not a malleable style as its training needs stiffness. But, this art can be learned by young and even by children as well. With the numerous characteristics, there is also an additional distinctiveness in its training i.e., a tool is mandatorily included in every belt.  Every belt has its own standard. This style is based on the law of physics. Punch and kick is beautifully used in Pak Ki Budo Martial Art. The training of tools like single Nunchaku, double Nunchakus, Long stick, Short stick, Knife, Arrow, Sword, throwing Stars, Tonfa, Sai and Kama is included in Pak Ki Budo Martial Art. Today, every country of the world has been accepting the significance and advantages of Martial arts. That is why; the young generation from the whole world is having interest to learn this art. On the other hand, martial arts media played a prominent role in promoting this art. China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, America, Britain and many other countries have constructed a number of martial arts training institutes. Martial Arts is also a source of self defense as well that is a primary requirement of every single individual. Today’s life has become very tough and mobile snatching, robbery and unexpected attacks are very common. Pak Ki Budo Martial Art helps in these kinds of destructive situations. Determination, courage, self-control and physical activeness are the basic rules of Pak Ki Budo Martial Art training. I have been collecting the art of karate, Taekwondo, Wushu (kangfu) Shotokan, Ninjutsu and many other styles from last 26 years and then introduced Pak Ki Budo Martial Art style in the result of my over all experience. My personal experience says that people who start getting interest in Martial arts; they keep themselves away from all social sicknesses and bad habits like smoking etc. They just want to become more and more active and strong. They want to develop more qualities. Martial art is not only the name of fight but also includes spiritual, physical and moral training. A Martial artist can easily handle 4 to 5 attackers. Self-confidence is a fundamental element of facing this situation courageously because, self-confidence, determination, decision making power, mind activeness helps you to skillfully overcome your enemy. Often, people ask me the question that if an attacker would shoot you with gun then, what can you does?  I always answer that one day human would die and every one do not has pistol. If an attack is without weapon and you do not have martial arts training then, what can you do? Definitely cannot harm your enemy but, if you have training then, I am sure you can harm your enemy and can attack back with full confidence. There is a need to warm up your body before starting any game. There are special exercises to warm up body in Pak Ki Budo Martial Art. Soon, you can take information about this art on Pak Ki Budo Martial Art website. I request to authorities to cooperate with us to promote Pakistani Martial arts like other sports. Pak Ki Budo Martial Art should be promoted at government level. That time is not far away when; Pakistan would be popular in all over the world like Japan, Korea and China and it would happen because of Pak Ki Budo Martial Arts inshaALLAH. . . . .


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