Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pak Ki Budo Anniversary

The cake cutting ceremony of Pakistani Islamic Martial Art style Pak Ki Budo’s was held at Raza Martial Art academy Begum Pura G.T. Road Lahore.

The guest of owner was Ch. Wasim Qadir (Ex.MPA) PML-N. The founder of Pak Ki Budo Grandmaster M.R. Raza Bruce Ali gave briefing about this style. He told that he has been struggling for last 26 years to discover Pak Ki Budo. He said that he has keen interest in the field of martial arts from his early childhood and still wants to learn more and more.

Furthermore, he told about his goal that he wants to make Pakistan most prominent in martial arts field as other countries like China, Japan and Korea are. In 21st century, he is the only one who has discovered a Pakistani Islamic Martial Art style. Pak Ki Budo is only of one year old but it has begun to become famous really progressively.Pakistan.

International masters are also taking fanatical interest and getting Pak Ki Budo’s membership. It is an honor for our country

Ch. Wasim Qadir (the chief guest) did prize distribution among players and also admired the services of Grandmaster M.R.Raza in the field of martial arts.

 He said that the purpose behind this style is to keep the children and players active and fit. He said that he himself is also a sports person so he likes sports personally. He believed that sports develop self-confidence, discipline, self-respect and patience. He pledged to build a sports complex in Begum Pura with the blessings of ALLAH. The chief guest finally cut the cake and went back with having high regards and praise for Pak Ki Budo Pakistani Islamic Martial Art style.

Grandmaster M.R. Raza Bruce Ali is also really thankful for all the acknowledgment messages received by friends and other masters all over the world. He presented Pak Ki Budo’s souvenir to the Chief Guest. He said thanks to all the guests including Shokat Kashmeri, Ch.Muhammad Arshad, Ch. Muhammad Akhtar,  Shahid Sadiq (Advocate) Main Muhammad Asif, Safdar Ali, Syed Dildar Hussain Shah, Habib-Ullah, Qamar Anjum Inqalabi (Advocate) and Muhammad Imran who attended the cake cutting ceremony.

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